[fpc-pascal]working with bitmaps

Rainer Hantsch rainer at hantsch.co.at
Fri Oct 17 14:52:53 CEST 2003


Linux or Windoze?

When Linux, I will be very interested on how you did it. I am searching for
_usable_ units since half a year or more, but find nothing. PasJpeg is
possibly nice, but not usable (only Windoze) and I found no unit which acts a
s wrapper for already existing C libraries. (And doing that from scratch is
too much work for my purposes.)

Good luck... :-/

On Fri, 17 Oct 2003, Rudolf Harney wrote:

| Hi!
| I want to create a coloured overlay over a (geographical) map. I do have the map as a bitmap and I wrote a fpc program, creating informations for the map (ASCII file with coordinates and values for each point on the map). I don't have experience in manipulating bitmaps, yet.
| Does someone know a fpc-tool, to generate a new bitmap from that?
| Or another little "bitmap-manipulater-program" (freeware), that I can call?
| Thanks for help!


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