[fpc-pascal]Direct writes to console buffer

Rich Pasco pasco at acm.org
Sun Aug 3 16:27:29 CEST 2003

Michalis Kamburelis wrote:

> Unit Video is exactly what you are looking for - it lets you write/read 
> characters and their attributes (text color + background + blink 
> attribute) directly to/from a buffer in memory and then use simple 
> UpdateScreen procedure to "flush" contents of this memory buffer to the 
> console. This way you can write console programs using the same approach 
> as under DOS (with these ptr(SegB800,0) / ptr(SegB000,0)) BUT it works 
> under many platforms - in particular, it works under Win32.
> For more information, look at the FPC documentation for this unit.

This unit looks most like what I want to do, except that the document
says that it should not be used together with the CRT unit, and that
doing so will result in very strange behaviour, possibly program
crashes.  Since the rest of my code uses the CRT unit (probably even
more than I use the direct video stuff), I am stuck.

     - Rich

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