[fpc-pascal]Can't make Win32 zip install

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Fri Nov 22 19:56:52 CET 2002

Lee, John wrote:

> It's working ok for me to generate the v10 snapshots, tho' I always start
> with a v1.0.7 compiler...Try downloading one of these basew32.zip from
> .../snapshot/v10/win32/...& start with it- but always send the logs when you
> have a problem...Regards  

I didn't send the logs until someone asked for them.  :-)

Anyway I have been in communication with Peter on this. It appears that 
the gecho call to make the build-stamp.win32 file does not work. It 
makes the call as can been seen in the log dump but it never creates the 
file. If I manually run the gecho command it works and makes the file.

At this point the zipinstall would at least attempt to work. Peter did 
make a fix to the makefile so this would run.

However, it still fails because it also requires gecho output in 
creating fpczip.bat. It does not create this file so the build stops 
when it tries to run the fpczip.bat file it was suppose to generate.

Does anyone have a clue why the gecho command won't run? By the way this 
is on a Win98SE machine.

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