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memsom at interalpha.co.uk memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Tue Nov 19 16:35:11 CET 2002

> If The game could load ALL images at the start (true for a space invader),
> there is not so much problem. But in the case of a very large 3D environment
> where textures are loaded as needed, it could be OK if LoadOfCompressedImage
> + TimeToDecompress <= LoadOfUncompressedImage.

This may be a good time to mention SDL. There is a Jedi port of it to Pascal. I 
used to work with Domonique Louis the guy who did the Windows side, and iirc he 
wanted to improve support FPC. That was 6 months ago, so I assume things may 
have moved on a tad by now. The URL to his site is 
There is good genearl gaming stuff there.

And looking at his site, it seems there is an SDL download for FPC at:

Hope than helps you some. SDL is a far better solution. 


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