[fpc-pascal][ANN] Sablopas 0.6 available

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Tue May 28 20:25:51 CEST 2002

> >Building on FreeBSD
> I'm happy someone built it under FreeBsd. Does Sablopas works well ? An
> OP-Curl alone ?

None actually do something. See the actual output of sablopas in the last
> >Linking to sabotron assumes specifically GNU extensies in the libc, not
> >merely standards compliant libc.
> I will add your code to the new release.

Ok. The FreeBSD port is quite simple. If your Linux port is principally
sound, it is only some minor changes.
> >sablocurl doesn't do anything. It seems to try to FTP anonymously to
> >localhost !??!
> Yes. I forgot to add the fact that the documents in the demo directory must
> be copied to an ftp server and the developper must change the URL and the
> login/password in the code. I was writing a complete console demo with
> paramaters when my Linux station crashed due to X. So I release as is
> without fine testing the SabloCurl demo. Feel free to provide changed code.
> I will add this to the how-to on my web site.

I see it load demo.xml, but after that nothing happens. It tries to access
something on filedescriptor 4 after that, but gets access denies as answer.

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