[fpc-pascal]fpc v1.1 bug ???

Sergey Korshunoff seyko at comail.ru
Wed May 29 02:33:03 CEST 2002

I'm done experiments for using RTL v1.1 with COMPILER v1.0.7
(no problems found in using such combination after some small patching
of RTL v1.1)

And fpc v1.0.7 found error in cmem.pp: there is type
mismatch between heaph.inc declaration of
   CFreeMem in cmem.pas

(first argument in CFreeMem declared as var, and there is
no var in decaration of first argument of TMemoryManager.freemem)

But fpc v1.1 do not complain about such type mismatch.
This is a feature or a bug of fpc v1.1?

	Sergey Korshunoff

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