[fpc-pascal]Printing under Windows (was: How to display special characters)

Rich Pasco pasco at acm.org
Thu Mar 21 08:23:54 CET 2002

Juha Nevalainen wrote:

> Its just basic text output but I really need to have a kind of generic
> Windows printer support.  Many people with different printers will be using
> this app, and some with USB port connected printers also.

I know it's a round-about approach, but I have some of my Free Pascal
applications write a PostScript file, which I then convert to PDF using
Ghostscript, and then open that with Acrobat Reader and print.

Of course, someone who has a PostScript printer can skip the last two
steps and send the PostScript file directly to the printer--but this
bypasses the Windows printer drivers, which was not what you wanted.

     - Rich

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