Alan Grimes alangrimes at starpower.net
Tue Nov 27 01:49:12 CET 2001

While I am eagerly awaiting the compiler manual, I could also use a good
text for intermediate/advanced programmers that gives a comprehensive
look at the Pascal language including Object Pascal. (my instruction in
highschool on XTs did not include object orrientation. =P).

I went to the website and looked at lists provided by several of the
linked sites. However, I really can't afford to gamble with my last $50.

I intend to use this book as an accompanyment to the FreePascal
refferance manual. 

I really need to understand the language and "RTL" (runtime library, not
Register Transfer Language! =P) because I need to create a mutant
compiler for my own diabolical ends. MWAHAHA

Waiting for a typical DOS application to crash is like waiting for hell
to freeze over.
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