[fpc-pascal]About the resoltion and color depth using Graph unit running in W2K

JULIÁN CALDERÓN julian_calderon at eresmas.com
Sun Nov 25 23:01:03 CET 2001

I use the compiler fpc-1.0.4 and the ide fpe-1.35.
The graphic card is Voodoo3 3000 with 16MB.
The proccessor is Pentium III 450MHz and I have 256MB of RAM.
The OS is W2K sp2.

The problem:
When I compile with the unit Graph and with the target win32, the resolution
that I obtain is gd=15 (8 bits color) and gm=m800x600 (the max resolution
that accept directly, by assigned to gm).

It´s extrange because the target is Go32V2 the graphic state that I get with
DetectGraph is the same that I set in W2K through properties.
But with the target win32 the gd is always 15 but gm is (I know it because I
use getmaxx and getmaxy) almost the real (actual). For example, if  the
resolution is 1152x864, 'getmaxx'x'getmaxy' is 1151x838. But not accept that
the gm>m800x600.

Extrange or normal?.
Can anybody help me?.

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