[fpc-pascal]Error on arctan2 documentation

Manuel Ritto Correa mcorrea at civil.ist.utl.pt
Fri Nov 23 15:49:45 CET 2001

On FreePascal the following insctruction:



 1.1071487177940905E+0000 1.1071487177940905E+0000

I believe this is in contradiction with the docomentation where it is
said that

arctan2(x,y) calculates atan(y/x)

It would be OK if the documentation stated

arctan2(y,x) calculates atan(y/x)
Since I am not receiving any messages from the FPC mailing list, and I
know that some developpers of FPC read this newsgroup, I am posting it

By the way: I find Free Pascal great!!

Manuel Correa

P.S. I've posted this earlier to comp.lang.pascal.misc, because I was
having problems with this mailing list. But this is the right place to
post, so, there you have it!

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