[fpc-pascal]Shared Libs

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Thu Mar 1 11:08:26 CET 2001

> Ok, I have read the docs/Makefiles.. and I can't get a definitive answer..
> soooo...
> Can you make a shared rtl yet?
> ie libfpc.so
> that all my programs can dynamicly link against ?
> I tried doing a make_shared in the rtl dir, but it gives me an io error 101
> with PPU-Mover 0.99.7

For 1.0.x compiler you need ppumover 1.00.

You can create a shared library. But since the compiler doesn't generate PIC (position
independent code) it's possible that the resulting executable doesn't work correct. But
simple tests have shown in the past that it worked good for small problems.

> The other question.. 
> I have this great script that I can feed the names of all my executables
> and it strips glibc down to only the required routines needed for those
> executables.. 
> Can I do the same with libfpc.so (if I can even create it)
Don't know how your scripts works. but you can always edit the RTL yourself and strip all
unused things.

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