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Noah silva nsilva at sparcy.atariuniverse.com
Thu Mar 1 05:33:30 CET 2001


I have used beta versions of the m68k version of FPK onmy Atari.  It is
obvious to me from these posts that interest for a sparc port is definatly
there.  Not only that, but once a sparc port is done, porting to MIPS and
other Risc processors would be more straighforward.  Again, if anyone has
serious intentions of working on this, I have several internet connected
sparc/linux machines that could be at their disposal.  I think lack of
multi-processor support is really holding FPK back at the moment.  If FPK
worked well on Atari I wouldn:t use Pure Pascal so much.  If it worked on
Sparc, I wouldn:t waste so much time trying to get GPC to compile
anything, and I wouldn:t need this 486...

   Noah Silva

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Ralf Quint wrote:

> At 09:51 AM 03/01/2001 +0800, Brad Campbell wrote:
> >Noah silva wrote:
> > >
> > > pascal works on a lot more platforms than even Free Pascal.  Obviously it
> > > is pretty bad if it still can't gain support.  I myself would like to use
> > > it because I use Linux on Sparc, and there is no Free Pascal yet for
> > > Sparc, so I have really tried to get GPC to be usefull, I am not just
> >
> >I have a shell account on a linux sparc box..
> >How hard would it be for someone reasonably proficient in pascal, very
> >proficient in assembler and never done anything on a sparc to port the
> >compiler ?
> I have (had) a real SPARC and gave up two years ago (even though I'm pretty 
> proficient in Pascal AND 68K/x86/Z80/6xxx assembler). You would need not 
> only a fairly good knowledge about the SPARC CPU, but also about the whole 
> SPARC system as well.
> I got some source from someone who started a port (Carl-Eric ?), but after 
> several weeks, i still didn't get anything working. Then first my SPARC 
> (actually the hard drive and the memory) died and shortly after that i 
> changed jobs and didn't have any time anymore....
> At the same time the x86 compiler made so many changes, that i even thought 
> it wouldn't make any sense anymore to even try to keep up, maybe it's 
> easier once they are done with the changes to support multi CPU support 
> that was mentioned a few times before on this list...
> Ralf
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