[fpc-pascal]Drive detection (was: Intel ASM syntax problem)

AITOR.SM AITOR.SM at teleline.es
Fri Jun 29 10:32:11 CEST 2001

> >This is the first thing that I did, and this was the first place 
> (SWAG) 
> >from where I posted the sources. Ok, I just did have a look at 
> the 
> >'complete drive detection' stuff, and that is what gave me 
> problems even 
> >with ASMMODE Intel.
> I have no problem to compile them. But - I agree that some 
So perhaps you were using a differnt snippet...

> programs don't
> work OK. Some detects diskette drive B even if You don't have it, some
I think you can do this using int 11

> returns a bit confused list of drives (I have realized, that for 
> example Norton
> Commander maybe sometimes creates a virtual disk B for copying 
> from diskette
> to diskette and running Your program from NC will detect drive B). 
> In my unit
> NGTVIEW for creating text GUI I have leaved the way of
text GUI? it will be a TUI then? ;-)))

> list of drives, because I haven't found working routine without 
> direct testing of
> drives.
> But I have test them under WinNT and maybe some problems became 
> from this
> reason :-) (more mapped drives etc.).
> Have a nice day
> Martin H.



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