[fpc-pascal]Drive detection (was: Intel ASM syntax problem)

AITOR.SM AITOR.SM at teleline.es
Thu Jun 28 16:31:41 CEST 2001

This is the first thing that I did, and this was the first place (SWAG) 
from where I posted the sources. Ok, I just did have a look at the 
'complete drive detection' stuff, and that is what gave me problems even 
with ASMMODE Intel.
Perhaps I should have checked more sources, but I have something now 
that seems to be working for me (you'll hear from this soon...)


> For detecting available drives there are routines on:
> http://www.gdsoft.com/swag/swag.html 
> (SWAG).
> If You download the snippets about drives handling (drives.swg,
> You ned the viewer too), You will find 5 or more routines for 
> detectingdrives, for finding out parameters of drives (CDROM, HDD, 
> FDD) etc.
> Or write to me, I will send You the package.
> But remember to put directive {$ASMMODE intel} to all codes,
> because there are made for TP and without this directive cannot be
> compiled under FPC.
> Have a good time
> Martin H.
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