[fpc-pascal]Drive detection (was: Intel ASM syntax problem)

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Subject:        	[fpc-pascal]Drive detection (was: Intel ASM syntax problem)
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> the case that it only works if a floppy is inserted) - The CD-ROM is
> not detected, regardless of wether I use a CD-ROM driver+MSCDEX (in
> CONFIG and AUTOEXEC) or not.

 You must definitely use the CD-ROM driver, otherwise it's no drive, 
just an ATAPI device (so it wouldn't have a letter assigned 
otherwise, for example).

> I am interested in the DOS (Go32V2) case, not windows. Does any of you
> have an idea of what is wrong, or have some extra code to do this?

 I can't help with Marco's unit. Regarding some extra code - just try 
the test program delivered with my unit and you'll see whether it 
works for you, or not, at once. ;-)


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