[fpc-pascal]Drive detection (was: Intel ASM syntax problem)

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Wed Jun 27 11:03:04 CEST 2001

Hi Marco (and the rest),

there seems to be a problem with EDOS' drive detection routine. I 
checked this program in several PCs:

program test;

uses EDOS;

var c,d: byte;

        for c:=1 to 10 do  {no more than 10 drives!}
                 d := drivetype(c);
                 if d>0 then begin
                        write (chr(c+ord('A')-1),': is of type ');
                        case d of
                                 1: WriteLn ('remote');
                                 2: WriteLn ('fixed');
                                 3: WriteLn ('removable');
                                 4: WriteLn ('substed');
                                 5: WriteLn ('cdrom');

And in every cases:
Hard drives are DETECTED
Floppies and CD-ROMs are NOT detected. For example, I get:

C: is of type fixed

although I have also a floppy (A:) and a CD-ROM (D:). Same at home: I 
have several visible primary partitions, which are recognised, but I 
was unlucky with the floppy and cd-rom. In addition:
- I hear it is doing some noise in the floppy drive during the test (I 
hope it's not the case that it only works if a floppy is inserted)
- The CD-ROM is not detected, regardless of wether I use a CD-ROM 
driver+MSCDEX (in CONFIG and AUTOEXEC) or not.

I am interested in the DOS (Go32V2) case, not windows. Does any of you 
have an idea of what is wrong, or have some extra code to do this?


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De: marcov at stack.nl (Marco van de Voort)
Fecha: Lunes, Junio 25, 2001 11:48 pm
Asunto: Re: [fpc-pascal]Intel ASM syntax problem

> > code, so I didn't write it myself. I simply tried to compile 
> under FPK, 
> > just forgetting that I am doing these seg:ofs calls and the like.
> > 
> > Well, I don't believe this will compile even if I change bx by 
> ebx. My 
> > solutions could be:
> > 
> > (a) any of you has a piece of code to detect fd/cd/hd/ram/net 
> disks 
> > under GO32V2
> Www.stack.nl/~marcov/xtdfpc.htm
> Download xtdfpc[xx].zip and check unit edos.
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