[fpc-pascal]More BeOS fun..

Full_Name memsom at post.interalpha.co.uk
Wed Jun 20 13:13:55 CEST 2001

Quoting Ramon Bosque <ramon.bosque at qi.ub.es>:

> Hello,
> What is the procedure in order to test it? 

Download the port. Install. Compile test programs.

> Is there any binary package? 

There is a peliminary binary distro, yes.

> Or must I compile the source?

You can do this too.

> Is this topic better suited for the fpc-devel list?

I'm not an FPC developer; furthermore I'm only really interested in getting 
stuff I compile with the BeOS port working, not the BeOS port itself. From what 
I've seen the basic BeOS port works fine as is. It's just lacking in library 

The email had to go somewhere ;) Besides, other ports etc get mentioned on this 
list, so why not BeOS?


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