[fpc-pascal]VP Gone? + FPC crossplattform compile.

Arne Hanssen ahh at enitel.no
Thu Jun 7 22:33:22 CEST 2001

Thus spoke Michael Vogel (icarus at dabo.de):

> 07.06.2001 13:55:21, James_Wilson at i2.com wrote:
> >   Okay, this is a bit off topic but... does any know if VP is gone?
> >   www.vpascal.com doesn't seem to exist any longer. 
> I guess, it's only a temporary server-problem.
> But I saw that the linux-port-page was from '99, so I guess the linux 
> port is "a little bit" outdated. ;)

VP Linux-support not fully implemented, but it should be possible
to generate Linux executables from Win32 or OS/2 (I haven't tested).
An official release of version 2.1 has priority - and hopefully
better Linux support will come next, as I've understood.

Is anyone using FPC to target executables to other plattforms
than what the compilers running - f.ex. developing under Linux
and generating executables for Linux AND Windows (from Linux)?
I know it's possible but some "adjustments" are needed (cross-
plattform linker or ....?).  This kind of setup is much wanted,
at least from me! ;-)

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