[fpc-pascal]Units for POP3, SMTP, NNTP?

Michael Vogel icarus at dabo.de
Thu Jun 7 15:11:31 CEST 2001


07.06.2001 14:43:19, Mirek Novak <mirek.novak at auto.cz> wrote:

>So I can send u, if u want my old sources - u
>can look at them, but they are "ugly" - most of rare comments in 

Hmm, I can only read english, french, a little bit spanish and of 
course german, but czech? I regret no ;-)

>As a best material for learning all important I can recommend 
>RFC821 - SMTP and RFC1939 - POP3 for messaging protocols and RFC 2045 
>and 2046 - MIME  for message completition. If u'll want  a help with
>implementation I can offer it - but limited by my free time.

I will see. I'm not really sure, how to proceed. Maybe I write only a 
layer to another lib, that depends ...


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