[fpc-pascal]Units for POP3, SMTP, NNTP?

Mirek Novak mirek.novak at auto.cz
Thu Jun 7 14:43:19 CEST 2001

    approx. 2 years ago I had to solve your problem (in BP under WIN95).
We,  at our company, had wide network of small food stores connected to
central via modems (star topology) and proprietary DOS based software for
transferring files when I came there (now I works elsewhere),   there
were only data transferred, no messages, so with my colleagues we buit
linux based intranet at central and I wrote bridge between POP3/SMTP and
this proprietary DOS SW. So I can send u, if u want my old sources - u
can look at them, but they are "ugly" - most of rare comments in czech.
As a best material for learning all important I can recommend RFC821 -
SMTP and RFC1939 - POP3 for messaging protocols and RFC 2045 and 2046 -
MIME  for message completition. If u'll want  a help with implementation
I can offer it - but limited by my free time.

Mirek Novak

Michael Vogel píše:

> Hi!
> I haven't found any units for the protocols POP3, SMTP or NNTP in the
> packages or on the server.
> What is the best method?
> Shall I:
> - Take a unit designed for Delphi (is that possible?)
> - Use a C-libary?
> - Search again?
> - Build my own one? ;-)
> Are there any pages with 3rd-party FPC-Units?
> Thanks!
> Michael
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