[fpc-pascal]oCRT / ..edit question

Rainer Hantsch rainer at hantsch.co.at
Wed Jul 18 06:58:17 CEST 2001

Hello, everybody!

Because Ken Wright seems to be either too busy or in vaction, he does not
answer my questions. -- Hope that somebody else uses oCRT too and can give me
some hints.

My problem is with nEdit(), the editing functions of oCRT, and with the
picture strings which I can pass to it.
I experience that I can edit any string if a empty picture string is
used. (-> This DOES work.)

When using '*#' as picture string, it worked for a longer while, then,
suddenly, without any change in this part of the program, I could suddenly not
input anything. I changed the picture string to '', and I could enter data...

I also tried to force uppercase letters, as mentioned in the pxpic.txt file,
by passing '*&' as picture. Should give all input in upper case, but GIVES
NOTHING, I cannot input anything.

Finally, I tried to find an picture string fpor entering telephone numbers
which have the following format:   +43-1111-2222222-3333
+43 .... Country code. 1..2 digits (USA is +1, i.e.)
1111 ... This is the area code. can vary from 1..4 digits
2222 ... This is the phone number. can vary from 4..7 digits
3333 ... This is an OPTIONAL PBX-extension. is not always required.
Whatever I tried, it results in a dead input, no key is accepted. 

If somebody could give me some help, I will be very happy. I am currently
writing a new invoicing program for myself, and I stuck completely because of
this mysterious effects.

ps.: I MUST USE oCRT because I want to be able to run my application from
     nearely every terminal which is available, including VTxxx, and be-
     cause I want to do textmode-windowing (which works great with oCRT).

Please, leave me your hints!

  Ing. Rainer Hantsch

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