Win32 under DOS, WDOSX and more (was: [fpc-pascal]GO32V2 EXE architecture...)

Tue Jul 17 10:18:17 CEST 2001

> > I'm planning to develop something like DLL support for GO32V2 
> platform and I
> > can't any decent documentation of these EXE files, can someone 
> point me to
> > website where can I find their structure and some additional 
> information?
> Check the DJGPP site(s). Specially look for DXE support, which should
> already exist. 

I have heard of this DXE, and I am not sure, but I believe that 
introducing DXE support won't do anything for already existing DLLs, so 
please, now that someone asked, if someone else knows or has 
information/links about the way DLLs are loaded in windows, let me know 
(public or private to at

I know about WDOSX, and although I didn't get into the WDOSX internals, 
if I am right, WDOSX doesn't allow you to run a console mode FPK 
program compiled under Win32 as is, so you have to stub it.
This is not exactly what I wanted to, so I was wondering if anyone 
knows about a "32-bit" server, that would enable both DOS-DPMI and 
Win32 console mode apps from DOS, including the ability for dynamically 
loading DLLs. (I also would like to use DLLs for my FreePascal programs 
to be run under DOS environment).
Of course, I am not asking that every Win32 app would run under DOS, as 
they will make use of USER32 and GDI and that all, but it would be nice 
even for those running in console mode.


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