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> Finally, I tried to find an picture string fpor entering telephone
> numbers which have the following format:   +43-1111-2222222-3333 +43
> .... Country code. 1..2 digits (USA is +1, i.e.) 1111 ... This is the

 I can't help you very much with your main problem, but a little 
correction seem to be appropriate - country code commonly has 3 
digits for small countries (e.g. Czech Republic has +420, but there 
are many other examples). As a little particularity - I've just found 
in Yellow Pages, that some little (standalone) island countries in 
Caribic have four digits, but these are shaped as +1xxx, i.e. they 
form a subset within the U.S. country code (although those countries 
are distinct entities politically and geographically), so it's a 
somewhat special case.


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