[fpc-pascal]Small error in install.sh in fpc-1.0.4.ELF.tar

Andrey Kubyshev email at vtc.ru
Wed Jan 3 13:56:23 CET 2001

Hello fpc-pascal,

I downloaded distribution fpc-1.0.4.ELF.tar, but its failed to install
due it cant find some .TAR files (fcl, api, and some other units).
Install.sh  tryes to unpack for example  unitsfcllinux.tar.gz,
but in binary.tar those, files has name ufcllinux.tar.gz.
So prefix is 'u' not 'units'. i replaced it in install.sh and all
worked :)

Best regards,
Kubyshev Andrey                          mailto:email at vtc.ru

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