[fpc-pascal]newbie problem with format function - Linux

Sebastian Günther sguenther at gmx.de
Tue Jan 2 18:35:20 CET 2001

Tomas Michalík wrote:
> Are the
> following functions from SYSUTILS unit supposed to work : Format, StrFmt
> ? When I use those, the library compiles but doesn't work and I have to
> kill IB client.

normally they work, but there is a serious problem: You write a library
with FPC, which gets loaded by InterBase. But on Linux, when IB loads
your FPC library, the linked-in FPC RTL doesn't get initialized, so most
RTL functions don't work properly.
AFAIK it isn't possible to write libraries with FPC now, which will be
used by non-FPC applications; but perhaps Peter or Florian can comment
on the latest progress regarding library initialization on Linux...?
(especially as I'll use InterBase for myself, too ;) )

> I based my work on free UDF from Frank Schlottmann-Goedde. The original
> UDF library compiles and works OK so I don't think it is caused by wrong
> compiler settings ...

when the library init problems are fixed one day, we should try to
integrate these UDF units into fpc/packages/ibase...

- Sebastian

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