[fpc-pascal]newbie problem with format function - Linux

Tomas MichalĂ­k michalik at proca.cz
Tue Jan 2 18:07:21 CET 2001


I am completely new to FPC, so I may miss something obvious ...
I am trying to write UDF function for InterBase on Linux (RH6.2), which
is based on standard Pascal Format function. I have already done this
for IB for Win in Delphi with no problem. I have found out that FPC
contains many units I recognize from Delphi so I thought it shouldn't
cause serious troubles. Unfortunately this is not the case. Are the
following functions from SYSUTILS unit supposed to work : Format, StrFmt
? When I use those, the library compiles but doesn't work and I have to
kill IB client.

I based my work on free UDF from Frank Schlottmann-Goedde. The original
UDF library compiles and works OK so I don't think it is caused by wrong
compiler settings ...
I have FPC 1.0.2 installed.

Thanks a lot for any useful input,


  Tomas Michalik
  ProCA, s. r. o.
  V Luzich 818, Praha 4
  Czech Republic

  e-mail: michalik at proca.cz
  tel: +420 2 67283446

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