[fpc-pascal][ANN] NEW: GraphiX 4.0 for Freepascal

Michael Knapp mknapp at gmx.at
Mon Feb 26 01:52:30 CET 2001


  GraphiX 4.0 for Freepascal
  Supported Platforms: DOS, Win32 and Linux
  Licence: LGPL

  Changes since 3.10:
  *) Linux (SVGAlib) support added 
  *) Truetype-Fonts (Freetype) supported
  *) Faster JPG loader :-)

What is GraphiX ?

   GraphiX for Freepascal is a 32bit-protected-mode graphics library 
   *) It is designed for providing an easy and fast access to various
      graphics modes within DOS, Windows or Linux
   *) It supports the direct-RGB-modes (15/16/24/32bit) with resolutions
      from 320x200 upto 1600x1200 and higher
      but it supports 8bit modes as 
      RGB-modes (3bit red, 3bit green, 2bit blue) with all features, too
   *) GraphiX contains ... 
      ... a mouse-library
      ... an image-handling-library 
          loading of BMP, GIF, ICO, JPG, PCX, 
          PBM/PGM/PPM, PNG, TGA and TIF images
          saving of images as BMP, PPM or TGA
      ... a font-library which supports FNT-bitmap-fonts, CHR-BGI-fonts
          and the VGA-BIOS 8x16 font and TTF - Fonts
      ... a graphics-effects-library: alphablending, masking operations,
          rotating, scaling, ...
      ... a triangle-output-library which can be used for 3D things
          flat, gouraud-shaded and textured triangles
      ... a video & animation-library, which supports AVI, FLI, FLC and
          MOV (Quicktime) formats 
      ... AND A LOT MORE ...

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