[fpc-pascal]findfirst question

James_Wilson at i2.com James_Wilson at i2.com
Mon Feb 12 15:47:22 CET 2001

> The above is correct. There is also another catch. Windows expects
> there to be only 3 characters for the extension.
> So for example:
> If you did a wild card search for
>   *.html
> it would return all files with the .html extension.
> if you did a wild card search for
>    *.htm
> It will return not only .htm files but ALSO .html files.
> If you specifically ask search for an extension longer then 3
> characters it will look for it but if you search for only there
> characters it wildcards the rest of the characters in longer
> extensions.

Well that certainly adds another complication to my problem. I had no idea
that this wonderful little 'feature' had been added by M$ (which on NT
works exactly as you said). Gotta love those guys up in Redmond -- they're
always thinking...


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