[fpc-pascal]findfirst question

James_Wilson at i2.com James_Wilson at i2.com
Mon Feb 12 15:32:26 CET 2001

> At least Dos only supports one * before "the" period, so I expect
> windows does the same. Normally, everything before the last persiod
> is considered as the filename, since loveletter.txt.vbs (hmmm,
> where do I get this from? :) did get the vbs icon and not that of a
> text file.

I strongly suspected that go32 programs wouldn't be able to accomplish this
(finding files with multiple periods in their names), but I know for a fact
that win32 programs can. Now, I've only tested it on NT but if you do
Start/Find/Files and search for *.*.* you will indeed find all files that
have two periods in them. I just don't know M$'s secret...

I've even tried searched the Win32.hlp file for clues, but can't find
anything their either.


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