[fpc-pascal]Re: fp under Windows

Ralf Quint ralf at aztechvision.net
Fri Feb 9 23:33:39 CET 2001

At 09:02 AM 02/09/2001 +0000, you wrote:

> >Has not, I use it all the time on NT.
>No, you use the NT Console window.. this (at the moment) emulates DOS (fairly
>badly on 2000) and the support fot 16 MS DOS *will* dissappear in the not too
>distant future.. certainly when the 64-bit version of Windows arrives.. I'm
>sure not even Microsoft will want to emaulate both a 32-bit runtime 
>*and* a 16-bit runtime environment!! Especially now that they're trying to 
>legacy suppport. In Windows ME ther *is* no DOS prompt.. you have to hack ME
>before you can even get one to appear.
Sorry, not right. Most people are just claiming this without having a real 
look at a Windows ME system. As already in Windows 2000, the name has 
changed (the entry is now called "Command prompt" instead of "MS-DOS 
Prompt") and it has moved from the "Start-Programs" folder to 
The only thing that has been "removed" in Windows ME is the ability to 
start/re-start the computer in plain DOS mode (without a 3rd party hack).....


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