[fpc-pascal]Re: fp under Windows

Mike Hodgson mhodgson at kos.net
Fri Feb 9 22:53:43 CET 2001

Matt Emson wrote:
> >Has not, I use it all the time on NT.
> No, you use the NT Console window.. this (at the moment) emulates DOS (fairly
> badly on 2000) and the support fot 16 MS DOS *will* dissappear in the not too
> distant future.. certainly when the 64-bit version of Windows arrives.. I'm
> sure not even Microsoft will want to emaulate both a 32-bit runtime environment
> *and* a 16-bit runtime environment!! Especially now that they're trying to remove
> legacy suppport. In Windows ME ther *is* no DOS prompt.. you have to hack ME
> before you can even get one to appear.

That is totally wrong, I have heard others say that as well. I bought a
new computer with
ME pre-installed and it DOES have a DOS prompt. It is, by default, in
Start -> Programs ->
Acessories, not in the main Programs list like previous versions of
Windows. The one thing
you can NOT do in ME or any new versions of Windows is boot to DOS (by
hitting F8 or by
"Reboot to DOS" when you shut down).

Just wanted to clear that up :)


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