[fpc-pascal]fp under Windows

P.H.de.VRIES at ppsw.rug.nl P.H.de.VRIES at ppsw.rug.nl
Wed Feb 7 12:21:42 CET 2001

With regard to the use of free-pascal (fp) under Windows (95 or 98 
or higher) I wondered whether fp still depends on the presence of a 
DOS-shell. In the future such DOS-shells will disappear from the 
Windows Operating system (I have heard that in Windows NT they 
have already vanished). Will it still be possible to run fp under such 
a windows system. After installing fp under Windows 95 I noticed 
that when you start fp it still opens a DOS-shell.
I would greatly appreciate an answer to this question in order to 
study the portability from pascal software to Windows.


P.H. de Vries

P.H. de Vries
Dept. of Psychology
University of Groningen 
Grote Kruisstraat 2/1
9712 TS Groningen  NL
email: p.h.de.vries at ppsw.rug.nl                 
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