[fpc-pascal]Fortran to Pascal conversion

Lee, John LeeJ at logica.com
Fri Feb 2 18:12:30 CET 2001

You may recall that I asked a few months ago whether anyone out there knew
of one. Well I got a reply telling me about forpasc
http://ilia.reznik.home.mindspring.com. I've tried this & it is a very good
free converter of fortran 77 (ie oldish) to pascal (tp). Ilia tells me he
isn't going to update to f90. However, the problem is that it doesn't work
too well for fortran 90 (ie new style) Fortran eg it requires each
subroutine in separate file which is a pain. BTW, if anyone knows another
better one eg for f90 pls let me know.

So you will all not be surprised to hear that I've written my own translator
for Fortran 90 + , in fpc, which seems to work ok for the good quality
Fortran 90 I originally had to convert. The converter has a cli & is pretty
standard fpc (or maybe tp too) so will work for any fpc supported platform.
It does essentially a single pass so is very fast & assumes working  &
sensible ie not unstructured Fortran. It works at present best for sensible
block structured Fortran eg with if then elses & not the dreaded
goto(1,7,15) or other f60 horrors & with everything eg lots of subroutines
etc in 1 file plus explicit variable declarations. Not sure about loadsa (or
any) commons either since not sure how to convert them properly... it's best
for passing params...It'll probably work best with lots of algorithmic
stuff, but it won't at present (or ever? convert complex i/o & format
statements properly. As with any translator, the fpc produced still needs
some manual editing too.  

However, I'd like some other examples to test it further, so if you have any
good Fortran 90 (that actually works) eg a few 100s or 1000s of lines
especially if I can run it when I've converted it to test it, please zip &
email it to me. I won't of course use it except for testing.

I'll then release the (working?) converter (as fpc), including source to the
normal fpc? ftp sites so you can convert at your leisure. 

Regards & TIA for some contributions...  

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