[fpc-pascal]Allegro game Library Support

Frédéric Lopez frederic.lopez at solunix.dnsalias.com
Fri Feb 2 17:17:12 CET 2001

Smith Ray wrote:
> Hi There,
> (I haven't received any email for months ... so I don't know if I will
> receive an answer!)
> Has anyone successfully created bindings for Allegro to work with FreePascal?
> I'm more interested in the Windows version but would love to hear that
> it is possible to create a game and compile it for DOS, Windows and Linux
> without changing the source!!!


I tried to create bindings for Allegro under Linux some time ago, but I
didn't succeed. If I remember well, the problem was related to the C
macros used by Allegro (END_OF_MAIN).

I used the Delphi bindings ( http://www.caladon.de/allegro/ ) as a base,
because h2pas was not able to do it automatically (crashes) and
converting directly from the .h seemed quite difficult for me.

I didn't attempt a new try with the last version of Free Pascal though.

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