[fpc-pascal]Re: New GDB version 5.1 available

Andris Pavenis pavenis at latnet.lv
Sat Dec 15 15:17:39 CET 2001

On Saturday 15 December 2001 12:47, Maurice Lombardi wrote:
> Pierre Muller wrote:
> >   This is just to inform people that
> > GDB 5.1 was released.
> > ........................
> >
> > * Support for debugging Pascal programs.
> >     - unlike Pascal, GDB is case-sensitive for symbol names.
> Do you plan to do something for that ?
> I use gdb nearly only through Rhide.
> We can ask to Robert to capitalize identifiers in the gpc or fpc
> style (somebody already asked him). It will be necessary to
> take somehow into account the nature (C or Pascal) of the module in which
> these identifiers are defined (gpc can call C routines).
> It is useless for him to do that in the rhide interface if GDB already
> does.

I haven't looked in details what Robert has done, but as far as I saw he
has included a better support of GDB-5.1 in current CVS version of RHIDE
in comparission with one I used in Anyway my build of rhide-
is built using GDB-5.1. I don't know about support of debugging Pascal
programs. It's possible one still has to enter identifiers in upercase. I 
haven't tested that


> > Don't forget that if you are in pascal language, pascal syntax must be
> > used:
> >
> > so to change the value of a variable 'x' in the program,
> > you will need to use
> > (gdb) set x := 5
> > instead of
> > (gdb) set x = 5
> > for older GDB version.
> Much more natural for Pascal programmers, but for rhide it means a change
> in the interface depending on a language setting (may be an option to check
> somewhere).
> Maurice

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