[fpc-pascal]Re: New GDB version 5.1 available

Maurice Lombardi Maurice.Lombardi at ujf-grenoble.fr
Sat Dec 15 11:47:12 CET 2001

Pierre Muller wrote:

>   This is just to inform people that
> GDB 5.1 was released.
> ........................
> * Support for debugging Pascal programs.
>     - unlike Pascal, GDB is case-sensitive for symbol names.

Do you plan to do something for that ?

I use gdb nearly only through Rhide.
We can ask to Robert to capitalize identifiers in the gpc or fpc
style (somebody already asked him). It will be necessary to
take somehow into account the nature (C or Pascal) of the module in which
these identifiers are defined (gpc can call C routines).
It is useless for him to do that in the rhide interface if GDB already does.

> Don't forget that if you are in pascal language, pascal syntax must be 
> used:
> so to change the value of a variable 'x' in the program,
> you will need to use
> (gdb) set x := 5
> instead of
> (gdb) set x = 5
> for older GDB version.

Much more natural for Pascal programmers, but for rhide it means a change in the
interface depending on a language setting (may be an option to check somewhere).


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