Florian Klaempfl florian at klaempfl.de
Thu Aug 16 22:52:15 CEST 2001

I've uploaded a new PalmOS port to 

This is the PalmOS port of FPC 1.0.5 m68k. It is
compiled for a Win32 host system.

To install it, simply extract it into your \pp (FPC folder).

If you don't have FPC installed it doesn't matter, simply extra
the zip files into any folder, c:\pp is recommended) and extend your path
variable with a path to bin\palmos.

If you don't have installed the PalmOS support in C:\pp, you've to
change the paths in bin\palmos\ppc.cfg.

The directory pp\demo\palmos contains a small demo. Compile
it by executing the batch file do_make.bat and load
the generated pilrctst.prc into the Palm OS emulator or
into your Palm device. The demo is a Pascal port of the pilrctst.

This is only an alpha port so don't expect too much. Especially the
Palm OS interface provided by the palm unit is very poor.

Further depends on the feedback I'll get about this port.

Any help is welcome. Especially I'am looking for more (and bigger) test

Florian (florian at freepascal.org)


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