[fpc-pascal]A couple of things:

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Tue Oct 31 17:22:19 CET 2000

> Exec( ) style functions will create a child and wait for the child to
> terminate before 
> continuing execution.  What I am looking to do is to create a completely
> different process
> and have the Exec( ) function return as soon as the new process is
> started, not when it terminates.
> One idea is to have the child process daemonize itself so that it spawns
> its own child.  The daemonized process
> will then return to the orignal parent, thus allowing it to continue
> execution.  
> I am looking for nothing shared between the original process and the
> spawned process.  Even the child executable
> is actually a separately compiled program.
> Any ideas?

Fork/Clone on Linux, and let the child execute another process.

Fork/rfork on FreeBSD, and idem.

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