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Tue Oct 31 17:33:54 CET 2000

If you are running Linux then the shell command might work for you. (Just 
append an & after the command name)


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<< A concepts I cannot resolve:

Is there any way to have one process execute another totally different
process without having
to wait for the spawned process to terminate before continuing on?

Exec( ) style functions will create a child and wait for the child to
terminate before 
continuing execution.  What I am looking to do is to create a completely
different process
and have the Exec( ) function return as soon as the new process is
started, not when it terminates.

One idea is to have the child process daemonize itself so that it spawns
its own child.  The daemonized process
will then return to the orignal parent, thus allowing it to continue

I am looking for nothing shared between the original process and the
spawned process.  Even the child executable
is actually a separately compiled program.

Any ideas?

Mark Diener
md at realmwireless.com

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