[fpc-devel] "Blank slate" next version of FPC

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 17 09:24:29 CET 2019

Am So., 17. Feb. 2019, 04:42 hat Ben Grasset <operator97 at gmail.com>

> The idea that it is "bloated" as I sometimes hear doesn't make a whole lot
> of sense, for one. FPC does not magically add things you don't use to your
> binary. How would that work? Why would you think it did? It's illogical.

For some features that is the case however as they rely on support code in
the RTL that can't easily be smartlinked away.

> More specifically, the ongoing idea that pops up every now and then that *anything
> *new could *ever* be "forced down" anyone's "throat" is moreso the
> problem, I think. It's sheer nonsense *FUD*, and always has been. You can
> go *way* back in the archives for this very mailing list and see people
> making doomsday claims about how the introduction of "for-in" loops, of all
> things, were somehow going to magically "ruin" the language. Of course,
> that did not happen, (specifically because the idea made no at all sense to
> begin with, of course.)

Nobody might be *forced* to use a feature, but what is likely is that they
at least need to understand it, namely when they use third party code.

As far as what we're actually *missing*, the clear biggest is certainly
> anonymous methods IMO. Where the hell is Blaise Thorne? Can we just find
> the guy, get him to finish it, and get the thing merged once and for all?
> Or just use some different implementation? Some kind of tuple functionality
> (as I believe was discussed in the past) would be a nice addition also.

Blaise is still working on it. Some bugs still need to be fixed and then he
needs to adjust the code to the points of criticism I had given. Most
importantly however are the missing tests. Even if the feature would be
perfectly fine and ready to merge I won't integrate it without enough tests
that ensure me that we don't break it again with the next possible commit.


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