[fpc-devel] Crosscompiling win towards darwin

Alfred alfred at consulab.nl
Wed Nov 23 12:58:48 CET 2016

>For a starter, if you should do something like:
>if target_info.system in [system_i386_darwin,...] then...
>instead of $IFDEF-ing HASUNIX. It's just a random idea, but because of
>HASUNIX, your patch might have actually broken Win->Linux
>crosscompiling... Plus
>Also I haven't actually verified this, but if you actually need to use
>Unix-style scripting for Win->Darwin crosscompile, you could have just
>added an exception somehow to use Unix scripts in that case, instead of
>hacking it into the DOS-format scripts like this, really...
>TL;DR: if this patch was accepted into NewPascal w/o comments or 
>then "ouch"...

Thanks for your advice.
This is exactly why NewPascal is here !

Have an idea. Implement. Make public.
while (NOT perfect) Use; Get feedback; Correct mistakes; Test; if ok 
then perfect:=true; end;

All in a cycle of moments like hours or days.

I will have a look at the patches again.

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