[fpc-devel] Crosscompiling win towards darwin

Karoly Balogh (Charlie/SGR) charlie at scenergy.dfmk.hu
Fri Nov 25 10:56:58 CET 2016


On Wed, 23 Nov 2016, Alfred wrote:

> > TL;DR: if this patch was accepted into NewPascal w/o comments or concerns,
> > then "ouch"...
> Thanks for your advice.
> This is exactly why NewPascal is here !
> Have an idea. Implement. Make public.
> perfect:=false;
> while (NOT perfect) Use; Get feedback; Correct mistakes; Test; if ok then
> perfect:=true; end;

Well, we're talking about two different things. In this interpretation,
NewPascal serves as some kind of FPC-experimental branch. Which is nice,
and nothing to have against it.

But still, before merging anything to a master branch, there should be a
way to review patches for obvious mistakes, or simply doing things in a
wrong way. I see your pull request was accepted without comments in four
hours after its submission. Which - given the amount of IFDEFs it
contains, still "ouch", IMO. No offense, and nothing personal, just the
criticism of the general approach towards code quality in a project with
the size of FPC.

However, I agree that the FPC team should have a more streamlined way of
accepting and reviewing patches, than posting diffs to a bugtracker or a
mailing list. The Bazaar went elsewhere over the years, which is always a
problem for an opensource project. But the tooling problem is only part of
the story.

> I will have a look at the patches again.

Cool, please keep us posted for updates.


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