[fpc-devel] Question about building fpc for linux_x86 vs linux_x64

Gennady Agranov gennadyagranov at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 04:57:03 CET 2014

 >>> 1. Sounds like fpmake doesn't recursively add dependencies? e.g. 
rtl-objpas should come as dep of fcl-base.
 >>> 2. if the patch just adds ALL those dependencies to all those 
packages, are they really tested as being really required for all of those?

I knew that I should be more verbose in my original e-mail - my apologies...

No, there was no need to add ALL dependencies - *rtl-objpas, rtl-extras, 
rtl-console and fcl-base* to ALL fpmake instances:

M       ide/fpmake.pp
M       utils/fpdoc/fpmake.pp
M       utils/fpmake.pp
M       utils/fppkg/fpmake.pp
M       utils/pas2jni/fpmake.pp
M       utils/pas2ut/fpmake.pp
M       utils/unicode/fpmake.pp

I was adding dependencies one by one - after compilation error about 
unresolved used "unit" I was looking for the package that contains this 
unit and adding the missing dependency - for every compilation error and 
for every fpmake instance.

But all these added dependencies were from this list...

It is not a big deal, though it took several iterations.

What I really want to understand (or get some opinion) - why linux_x64 
build did not have these issues

BTW - one of the missing units was variants (from rtl-objpas)

And you were already fixing similar issue in different fpmake.pp - 

 >>> Fixed by adding rtl-objpas to dependencies.
 >>> Don't understand though why this doesn't lead to problems under 
supported (2.6.4) circumstances.
 >>> Variants usage is in fpjson from the beginning since rev r85xx

So the mystery continuous :)


PS. I probalbly should have compare build logs between linux_x86 and 

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