[fpc-devel] Iterface type helper

Steve Hildebrandt Steve.Kassel at web.de
Mon May 27 20:40:56 CEST 2013

Am 27.05.2013 20:23, schrieb Sven Barth:
> On 27.05.2013 19:43, Steve Hildebrandt wrote:
>> Since I red there will type helper for interfaces, too I would like to
>> know what is the current progress for this feature or whether it is on
>> hold and will not be alvailable in the near feature? Any related
>> information would be aprechiated.
> Currently there is no progress in this regard, but I'm still planning 
> to add them. Technically it should be rather easy to add, but I've not 
> yet decided what syntax I'll use to make them accessible. Currently 
> I'm preferring to add them to "type helper"...
Regarding the syntax I have no preference whether it will be "type 
helper" or "interface helper". (As long as it does not work the delphi 
way "record helper" would be misplaced here^^)
Sice I make heavy use of interfaces I currently broaden them up and add 
the implementations everywere with macros and include files.
So beeing able to use Helper types here would clean things up quite a 
bit, but since it's no blocker for me..
I thought why not ask what the future brings and if it takes a while 
revisit this issue at a later date.

Steve Hildebrandt

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