[fpc-devel] Is target mips-embedded possible / planned?

Michael Ring mail at michael-ring.org
Thu May 16 10:38:52 CEST 2013

I read some threads a frew days ago that openocd already works on 
Raspberry Pi over gpio, this might be just what you need if I understand 
you correctly. Fortunately I have still one Pi left @home to also try 





Am 15.05.13 23:48, schrieb Michel Catudal:
> Le 2013-05-15 06:11, Michael Ring a écrit :
>> If you find the time to find out how to actually start up & use their gdbserver I will be more than happy to integrate it into lazarus, right now I take what I can get and that seems to be openocd.
>> I have wasted quite some time in trying to make LPC-Link for the LPCExpresso Boards work and I do not want to duplicate this effort with another, also more or less undocumented tool unless I see no other choice (because flasing is dog slow, for example)
>> Michael
> As I mentioned earlier, I have enough information from Microchip to make a fast programmer. What I will need to add is debugging. Since I cannot get detailed debugging information from Microchip what can be used is the MIPS debugger. I read that some
> people are successfull with it. I would have to either use open ocd for the debugging or do my own.  Since I want to do this on an ARM board, the debugger from Microchip is not an option. Their debugger is closed source.
> Michel

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