[fpc-devel] Is target mips-embedded possible / planned?

Michael Ring mail at michael-ring.org
Mon May 13 20:07:34 CEST 2013

OK, I got kind of bored last weekend and started to implement 
mips-embedded target. The crosscompiler builds fine and already shows 
the list of (not yet implemented) pic32mx controllers, I am now 
searching through the code for places that I need to change.

One thing that makes me wonder is how mips and mipsel defines are 
related and when to use the 'mips' and when to use 'mipsel'.

Should I use 'mips' wherever posible or are those two really different 
architectures? (Well, OK, one is big and one is little endian, quite a 

There's one big favour I would like to ask, Florian, could you please 
enable mipsel-embedded in fpcmake and then re-generate the makefiles?

I have done this in my local copy but now a svn diff looks like a big 
mess because all those makefile changes make it hard for me to spot my 
code changes.

I have also had a look at the changeset for avr-embedded, there were a 
lot of changes in the codegen and other places, do you expect that the 
same will need to be done for mips or was avr a special case?


Am 17.02.13 17:44, schrieb Michael Ring:
> Your timeline sounds fine to me, I am currently quite busy to get the 
> openocd based debugging with lazarus right and, even more important, 
> to write some _real_ code on arm systems. (I am currently porting my 
> PIC based qlocktwo-clone to arm)
> In case I get so bored in the next one or two months that I feel the 
> urge to start before you I will definitely let you know, with some 
> guidance I should be able to get at least something basic working...  ;-)
> Michael
> Am 17.02.13 15:11, schrieb Michel Catudal:
>> Le 2013-02-17 07:48, Michael Ring a écrit :
>>> This all sounds promising, I can contribute definitions for 
>>> PIC32MX1/MX2 series of controllers.
>>> Michael
>>> Am 17.02.13 09:21, schrieb Florian Klämpfl:
>> I have a lot done on my AVR32 port, still got to figure out the 
>> compiler crash, in a few months I should be done and the PIC32 is 
>> high on my list. If you start a port before me let me know and I will 
>> contribute instead of starting my own.
>> Michel Catudal
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