[fpc-devel] Linux Signals

Nikolai Zhubr n-a-zhubr at yandex.ru
Sun Jan 2 01:48:48 CET 2011

02.01.2011 2:51, Andrew Brunner:
> Hi Nikolai,
> I'm trying to build a cross platform *event* driven socket signaling
Ok, now its more clear :)

> mechanism that does not employ polling algorithms.
Then use epoll (linux-specific invention, BSDs have kqueue instead).

There is no exact match between linux and win32 for any non-trivial 
sockets IO, but creating OOP abstractions helps mitigate this.

When you say
> resource-friendly... Do you mean CPU or memory?  I'm looking for
CPU was the biggest concern in our case.

> something to work as advertised in the Linux man pages for signals.
> If it turns out that signal information is missing via the Kernel - I
> have no qualms with submitting a few requests to the proper
> channels...
I've written some abstraction layer which employs epoll on linux and 
FD_xxx message notifications on win32. The typical use is serving up to 
several thousands of slow low-traffic connections concurrently with as 
low resources consumed as possible. Unfortunately I can't pull it out to 
publish as a library right now, though I planned to, eventually.


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