[fpc-devel] Linux Signals

Andrew Brunner andrew.t.brunner at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 02:11:06 CET 2011

Thanks, Nikolai.  epoll looks like the silver bullet (for linux) and
very promising.  I can dump a bunch of sockets into it and get the
kernel to let me know which ones get notifications for

But the abstraction is already accomplished in the foundational
abstracted network server manager/worker threads unit that all
protocols are implemented by.

Interesting reading :

(1)  http://daniel.haxx.se/docs/poll-vs-select.html
(2)  http://www.kegel.com/c10k.html

I can't believe it has been this difficult to tie into *working*
proven methods under Linux.  I wonder if epoll was ever brought into
Darwin...  I did notice Apple making a quiet exit out of the Server

Thanks again!

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