[fpc-devel] RTL docs missing links

Hans-Peter Diettrich DrDiettrich1 at aol.com
Fri Dec 2 02:17:05 CET 2011

FPDoc issues many warnings about unknown link targets. Some of these 
seem to result from intrinsic types, e.g. for PSmallInt the target 
SmallInt does not exist. It doesn't look good when the docs do not 
include the most basic types, like Boolean, Byte, Char, Pointer etc. :-(

The same problem with Integer referring to SmallInt (missing, of 
course), what looks quite inappropriate nowadays. IMO a 16 bit Integer 
doesn't make sense in win32(!)\system.pp (including systemh.inc, see 
line 92), and on other platforms as well.

When the basic types cannot be documented due to missing explicit 
declarations, at least a topic covering all basic types should be added, 
with all references to these types (e.g. from Integer) redirected to 
that topic.

Or these entries should be rewritten from <element> into <topic>, so 
that all links can find their targets? I just tested this solution, and 
it works, except that the topics are not listed as types in the index. 
But then also the <short> descriptions should be renamed into <descr>, 
because the short description of an topic becomes its title! E.g.:

<topic name="ShortInt">
<descr>A signed 8-bits integer</descr>

What about Char? Currently it's described nowhere, and with the 
introduction of Unicode the basic type should become AnsiChar, with the 
generic Char=AnsiChar or WideChar, depending on the actual/future 

BTW: "Power" also deserves an update, it seems not to be declared in 


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