cpstrnew branch (was Re: [fpc-devel] Freepascal 2.4.0rc1 released)

Florian Klaempfl florian at freepascal.org
Wed Nov 11 13:47:43 CET 2009

Martin Schreiber schrieb:
> On Tuesday 10 November 2009 19:08:45 Florian Klaempfl wrote:
>> Martin Schreiber schrieb:
>>> On Tuesday 10 November 2009 18:33:54 Florian Klaempfl wrote:
>>>>> Did you look into the code in cpstrnew branch? I did.
>>>> And which changes are exactly the reason for your concerns?
>>> More checks
>> Where? A pure unicodestring routine won't get additional checks.
>>> and more complicated address calculation.
>> Where? Adding 16 instead of 12 makes no difference.
>> The "major" difference will be the initialization of the additional
>> fields and the increased memory requirement of 4 bytes per string.
> I try to prove the exciting statement. How can I build a startup compiler for 
> the cpstrnew branch or

I use the 2.2.4/2.4.0 ide to build the compiler, so make in the cpstrnew
branch compiler dir should work using 2.2.4/2.4.0

> how to compile the cpstrnew branch?

Since it's a branch, I'am not sure if usual building works. We're still
at the point to add new stuff and rework things so it might be heavily

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